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Pastel Swirl


(Necessary Equipping in Truths Series)


Folah School of Theology is partening CMM  offering Dr Lloyd Phillips NETS ( Necesary Equiping in Truths series) courses. Although this is a non accredited course it is geared to preparing believers for the Harvest and it is a great foundational strengthening program. NETS consists of 3 courses with each course building up to the next. On completion of each course certificates are given .Each course  consisting of 12 Audio lesions followed by questions from the workbook 

NETS Course 1 The Believer’s Foundation

  1. Letting the Word of God Change Us

  2. The Rule of First Mention

  3. The Renewing of Our Minds

  4. Timing of Events in Scripture, (When Did Judas Hang Himself?)

  5. Timing of Events in Scripture, continued - God’s redemptive plan 

  6. Growing Up in the Spirit

  7. The Key to Receiving Anything from God is Faith

  8. Appropriating Faith

  9. Appropriating Faith - The Power of Words and Action

  10. What Hinders Our Faith?

  11. Faith for Healing

  12. The Believer’s Foundation: Authority Over Evil

NETS Course 2 Disciples of The Lord Jesus

  1. Why Disciples?

  2. Unity and Community

  3. Dividing Between Spirit and Soul

  4. Works vs. Grace

  5. Faith towards God

  6. Manifested Grace

  7. Categories of God’s Gifts

  8. The Doctrine of Baptisms

  9. Salvation of the Soul

  10. Power of the Cross

  11. Interpreting Types and Shadows

  12. Idioms and Discipleship

NETS Course 3 Stewards of the Mysteries of God


1-12 Bondservants of Christ

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